Four much-loved British authors are going on tour together to meet their European readers.

The authors are Jojo Moyes, Kate Mosse, Ken Follett and Lee Child. “These are the rock stars of British literature,” said agent Caroline Michel, one of the organisers.

The tour will take in Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Paris, and is scheduled for November 2019.

Ken Follett, author of “The Pillars of the Earth”, said: “We all have millions of readers in continental European countries, most of whom read us in their own languages, and we want to tell them how much we cherish them—despite the impression that may have been given by recent political events in our country.”
The authors will appear on stage together, talk about their work, and answer questions from the audience.

Jojo Moyes, author of “Me Before You” and screenwriter of the hit movie, said: “Those of us who have always considered ourselves European have watched horrified at the political machinations taking place to separate us. I can’t change those, but I can reaffirm my commitment to European readers, and my wish to keep the threads of friendship intact, and we all hope this is a good way of doing that.”

Lee Child, author of twenty No 1 bestsellers featuring the hero Jack Reacher, said: “I cherished our long association with Europe, and deeply regret its current rupture at the political level … on a personal level I want to confirm I will always consider myself a proud European.”

Kate Mosse, whose Languedoc Trilogy has been translated into 38 languages, said: “Our stories, are Europe’s stories.  Our history, is Europe’s history. In these challenging days, it’s up to writers to continue to celebrate what connects us – our shared values, our sense of belonging, the links that bind, the emotions we share – and to say thank you to our wonderful readers all over Europe for keeping faith with us.  Friends together, stronger together.”

The tour is being supported financially by the authors’ translation publishers. Birgit Lübbe of Bastei Lübbe, German-language publishers for Ken Follett and Kate Mosse, said: “One of the rewarding tasks in publishing is to make the works of international authors accessible to our readers. We support the Friendship Tour because the friendship between our authors and their loyal fans, as well as the friendship between our authors and us, transcends national borders.   Publishing and reading books is a cultural exchange for all book lovers worldwide.”

The tour is being managed by the London company Fane. It is scheduled to begin at the Teatro Carcano in Milan on Sunday 17 November at 11.00 a.m. as a headline event of the Book City Festival. The authors will go on to Madrid on 18 or 19 November at a venue to be announced. They will be at RBB Radio in Berlin on 23 November in an appearance that will be broadcast live. Finally the tour will go to Paris on 25 November.

James Albrecht of Fane said: “In a climate of confusion and estrangement at home and across Europe, it has been a great privilege to work with four celebrated authors as well as publishers, venues and programmers across the continent on the Friendship Tour, with its positive message of connection and shared history.”

Ken Follett is the oldest of the group at 70. Lee Child is 64, Kate Mosse is 57, and Jojo Moyes is the youngest at 49.